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- Stop and Prevent Sexual Harassment

Products and Services to Stop and Prevent Sexual Harassment
from The Employers Association


Training and Services

Dealing with the problem of sexual harassment can be a difficult job for the most experienced manager, supervisor or even human resource professional. Our goal is to help you prevent and stop sexual harassment in the workplace and to handle it appropriately if it does occur. Through our 25 years of experience, we know this is a realistic goal--we've helped more than 5,000 organizations with their sexual harassment programs.

The Employers Association provides a variety of training and consulting services to companies, organizations, and attorneys to help with sexual harassment issues. These services include training for employees at all levels, training for in-house trainers, training for investigators and training for individuals in one-on-one sessions. We also conduct investigations into allegations of sexual harassment and consult with organizations regarding sexual harassment policies and procedures, preventative training programs, and handling of sexual harassment complaints.

The Shades of GrayTM products are also effective in helping to stop, prevent and handle sexual harassment problems. See Products & Publications for details.


The Employers Association conducts several Shades of GrayTM training programs outlined below.

Employee Training

Certified Shades of GrayTM consultants conduct sexual harassment training sessions for employees at all levels--general employees, managers, supervisors, and executives. Employees at all levels attend three-hour sessions in groups of no more than 25, preferably with supervisory and management employees in separate sessions from non-supervisory personnel. A one-hour briefing for executive level staff is also available.

All training materials for the participants are provided in a Shades of GrayTM Trainee Kit. Each kit includes the handbook Sexual Harassment: Guidelines for Managers, Supervisors and Employees, your choice of a copy of Six Simple Steps to Stop Sexual Harassment or How to Handle Sexual Harassment Complaints or Twenty-five Things to Do If Sexual Harassment Happens to You, several current articles, and a sexual harassment identification chart. The materials are together in a folder for each employee to take back to work with them and should include a copy of your organization's sexual harassment policy statement.


For organizations who want their own in-house trainers to conduct the Sexual Harassment...Shades of GrayTM training of employees,The Employers Association provides a proven train-the-trainer program. The trainers attend, as participants or observers, at least two full Shades of GrayTM employee sessions by certified Shades of GrayTM consultants. The trainers then attend a separate session to receive additional information about sexual harassment and how to conduct employee training.

All training materials for the trainers are provided and include Sexual Harassment: Resource Manual, Sexual Harassment: Training Manual, and the Trainee Kit which employees receive in their training.

Investigator Training

For organizations who want in-house investigators available to handle sexual harassment complaints,The Employers Association provides investigator training in full day sessions limited to 25. All training materials for investigators are provided and include Sexual Harassment: Investigator's Manual and a Trainee Kit.

One-to-One Training

For especially sensitive cases, The Employers Association provides one-to-one training sessions with individuals accused of harassment. The employee is required to perform individual work and study before and after the private sessions with a certified Shades of GrayTM consultant. Follow-up contact is required for the employee. All training materials are included and vary depending upon the particular situation.


The Employers Association conducts investigations into allegations of sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, and interpersonal conflicts. Certified human resource professionals conduct internal investigations, as well as assist companies with responding to discrimination charges.

Consulting Services

Because dealing with sexual harassment requires a comprehensive plan and program, The Employers Association helps organizations with each and every aspect of their effort to stop and prevent harassment. The Employers Association consults with organizations about their sexual harassment policies and procedures, training programs, preventative efforts, handling of complaints and other areas which may be causing problems.

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